Bostik: Our OTHER Brands

Our innovations respond to pressing consumer needs and give rise to a number of recognized household and industry brands.

As well as hundreds of Bostik-branded adhesives and sealants, we are well known for many other popular products.

Some of these brands are market leaders in specific countries, while others are available across the globe. 


A household name for DIY and trade adhesives in the UK

The Evo-Stik brand of adhesives and high performance sealants was created in the 1940s and experienced a broad expansion during the 1970s.

Offering a wide range of adhesives for beginners and heavy-duty DIYers, Evo-Stik products are used to repair, bond and assemble all substrates on all surfaces in the home.

Evo-Stik is constantly developing new products and iconic packaging to promote and facilitate the increased use of adhesives. Its trustworthy products can be found throughout the UK and Ireland.

Evo-Stik has been a long-term partner of the English Northern Premier football league. The league is currently known as the Evo-Stik Northern Premier League.

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A comprehensive range of DIY adhesives

The Sader brand was created in France in 1975, offering a comprehensive range of DIY products for repair, assembly and home improvements. 

Popular in France, Sader adhesives are known amongst DIY enthusiasts for their quality, performance and ease of use. 

Sader is continuously striving to innovate formulas that build on their popular range of wood, metal and all-purpose contact adhesives. 

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A wide portfolio of adhesives for sealing and assembly

Created in Germany in the early 1980s, the MEM adhesives brand brings special expertise to sealing and assembly.

MEM has developed a large range of adhesives to build and improve the home. MEM provides an extensive product offering covering waterproofing, roofing, damp proofing, sealants, flooring, tiling and grab adhesives.

This recognizable brand also offers a wide portfolio of adhesives for bonding and sealing that anticipate molds on all surfaces, in particular adhesives for wooden floors, cork, PVC, carpet and linoleum.

MEM is distributed in Germany, Austria and Poland among other countries.

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An historic brand and ideal partner for decorating projects

Quelyd was created in 1922 under the name ‘Quellhyd’ to launch wallpaper glues with a potato starch base. The brand was renamed to its current form in the 1960s.

Quelyd is the ideal partner for decorating projects. Whether it’s for preparation of surfaces, laying decorative coatings or insulation, Quelyd offers its customers a comprehensive range of products that are both practical to use and of optimum quality.

In addition, attentive to environmental issues, Quelyd offers adhesives based on raw materials of plant origin, which are biodegradable and designed to respect the environment.

Quelyd is distributed in France, Russia and Eastern Europe.

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