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With more than a century of specialised knowledge and experience of the market, Bostik is a brand name that enjoys global respect. Bostik’s vast range of adhesives and sealants provide a unique solution to any application in the general industrial and construction marketplaces. Bostik offers a product that stands up to the toughest substrates and specifications. Available in one and two component formulations, in a variety of container sizes and colours, Bostik products provide durability for numerous applications. Bostik's added value lies in the combination of quality, service and support.

The company’s only true international brand, the Bostik brand (also now the corporate brand) is employed across most regions in some form whether for the entire spectrum of products, for key product ranges, or specific user types. In some countries, where the brand is not the company’s primary product brand, it has been offered on an exclusive basis to a small number of key customers.





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