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Simson is an innovative, dynamic and progressive developer and producer of adhesives and sealants for the professional user. What sets the well-balanced product range apart from the rest is that the company focuses exclusively on delivering superior quality in the form of durable and reliable solutions.

The many years of international experience put Simson well ahead of the competitors. This lead is maintained by constantly launching new, innovative products. Simson also works in close collaboration with the worlds biggest testing and knowledge institutes, which provide the security of the knowledge top quality products are used.

Simson is a world leader in the application of SMP technology (Silyl Modified Polymers are the main components of a new generation of solvent free and isocyanate free sealant and adhesive products. A broad application field with specific characteristics and demands, like adhesion on a wide range of substrate materials, in combination with a minimum of required surface pretreatment, paintability as well as temperature/UV resistance, are characteristic for these types of products. Bostik is on the leading edge of this technology applied in transportation, marine and construction applications) for elastic adhesives and sealants. Simple pre-treatment combined with the unparalleled strength of the bond are characteristic of SMP technology.

The added value of the product range is greatly appreciated in the markets in which Simson is active which is anywhere where bonding can help to produce a better, stronger or more attractive end product or a higher yield.

Simson fully understands the market and supports users from start to finish by translating customer-specific problems into made-to-measure solutions.



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