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Bostik’s Relyance™ for the hygiene market has set the bar high. It is the only expanded adhesive platform that optimizes the advantages of olefin to deliver both long-lasting bond power and robust processing. Relyance construction adhesives do not have the trade-offs normally seen with other olefin-based adhesives when compared to SBC-based adhesives. This gives you additional options to consider in diversifying your supply base without giving up performance on your production line or finished products. And now the addition of two remarkably robust olefin-based adhesives to our Relyance platform gives you even more ways to benefit from its unmatched flexibility.

Relyance delivers:
- Seamless conversion
- Compatibility with all spray and slot applications
- Improved supply stability
- Reduced price volatility
- Stable performance even in harsh shipping and storage conditions

There’s a robust olefin-based Relyance construction adhesive for your product and price range needs:
For optimized peel
For optimized shear resistance
For optimized peel and enhanced shear resistance

For the competitive edge you need to grow your business, look to the olefin adhesive without equal. Visit www.relyanceadvantage.com.

All olefin adhesives are not created equal.



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