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A solution for every professional

Bostik has a solution for a wide variety of construction applications. The professional can choose from a variety of alternatives depending on the conditions and applications.

In the Construction field, Bostik offers the following range of products:

 Floor preparations: waterproofing barrier coating, primers, self-smoothing and self-levelling compounds, self-levelling screeds, high performance compounds.

 Soft floor covering adhesives: for PVC sheets and tiles, rigid and technical PVC, multi-layer floor coverings (compact, polyester and foam backed PVC), expanded vinyl, sports floor coverings, natural fibre floor covering, (seagrass), natural linoleum. 

 Wide range of parquet adhesives to bond every kind of parquet onto all subfloors: vinylic adhesives, solvent based synthetic adhesives, one or two parts polyurethane adhesive, MS polymer parquet adhesive.



 Wallpaper and wall covering adhesives: high performance adhesives for wallpaper, nonwoven backed wall coverings, vinyl, ready-to-use high performance adhesives for hanging textile, PVC wall coverings, fibreglass for walls and ceilings.

 Tile adhesives: cementitious tiling adhesives suitable for interior/exterior walls and floors, ready-mix adhesive, fine, wide and speciality grouts, waterproofing membranes.

 Resins: High performance floor finishing resins, structural reinforcement and strengthening materials.

 Woodworking repair and assembly: wood adhesives, contact adhesives, hot melt adhesives, pipe cements, panel and grab adhesives.

 Sealants and foams : movement joint sealants, masonry sealants, roofing and glazing sealants, sanitary sealants, flame retardant sealants, marine sealants, foam fillers.

 Building chemicals: admixtures, material protection, coatings, surface treatment, foundation waterproofers.

 Concrete repair and maintenance: light and heavy concrete repair and maintenance.

In addition to its comprehensive product lines, Bostik partners with its customers to provide excellent technical services.



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