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Bostik offers the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative range of professional grade products for a wide range of construction applications. Used in both new build and renovation projects around the world, our products and solutions have an unrivalled reputation among professional users for quality and reliability, even in the most extreme conditions.

Continuously moving the market forward through innovation.
Bostik strives to deliver next-generation products which offer superior performance while meeting the latest international and local building codes and environmental standards.
Bostik products are backed by years of experience and offer a host of in-market support services tailored for professional end users including technical advice, training, specifications and on-site investigations.

No matter what the commercial application, from foundation to finish, Bostik has the high-performance solution to meet and exceed the challenges posed by weather, moisture, joint movement or dissimilar materials. Our broad range provides unsurpassed adhesion, durability, flexibility, weatherability and water resistance.

Bostik products respond to all international quality and performance standards, guaranteeing high quality results.



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