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Health, Safety and Environment

Bostik manages Health, Safety and Environmental impacts in liaison with operations to reduce risks in order to deliver performance in conformity with law and stringent Bostik standards.

Our motto at Bostik:

Go Home Safe

Our Plant Managers’ motto:
Don’t walk past 

  Developing a Safety Culture and reducing risks

Bostik has developed rules and guidelines with the aim of eliminating accidents or unsafe incidents. Monthly Process Safety audits determine whether these rules have been implemented and followed, thus making prevention an absolute priority.

All our employees participate in a safety programme that seeks to improve their response to any potentially risky situation and develop a proactive safety culture. Each employee is expected to embrace safety in their daily routine.

We provide training to our staff and contractors on risky situations and the need to pay close attention to the warning signs of near-accidents. Each accident is analysed in detail, followed by feedback discussed by all employees at every plant.  

Managing and reducing our environmental impact

All production sites strictly and systematically control their energy consumption, wastewater discharges and all types of gas and waste emissions.
Specific indicators enable Bostik to regularly verify its environmental, safety and quality performance.

This voluntary process is supported by ISO 14001 certification standards, an international benchmark in environmental management systems.

One of our priorities is to consider careful use of raw materials from renewable sources. Agro-resources, such as starch, cellulose and oleochimicals, can be used as alternatives to synthetic chemical products, which allow us to minimise environmental impact.

Promoting responsible management for products

Bostik integrates health, safety and environmental criteria in the development of its products.
Bostik applies the same degree of rigour to all production and transportation stages in order to guarantee optimum conditions for the safe storage, shipment and use of its products.





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