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Philosophy of total quality


Bostik has embraced a philosophy of total quality throughout the production chain: goods, services, technical and commercial support. Most countries are entirely certified ISO 9001/2000 and certain countires are certified ISO 14001 to ensure optimum organisation in production sites as well as in the headquarters. Each year, a global Quality plan is reviewed and implemented under the supervision of our local Quality managers.

Bostik develops Quality partnerships with its suppliers and customers to enhance its understanding of mutual needs and of quality improvement opportunities. Regular customer audits drive this improvement programme. All new specific customer demands are analysed and then introduced in our system. Bostik follows regular scorings to assure the best quality of products and services. 

We also allot growing importance to the partnerships with our suppliers. By integrating them into our improvement approach, we guarantee the consideration of their expectations throughout the competence chain.
The company invests regularly in programmes to ensure equipment is state-of-the-art and adapted to our needs. Through a global methodology, risks are analysed in detail on sites.
The company implements Quality procedures while executing efficiently and with flexibility.
Bostik develops a policy of continuous improvement and promotes the exchange of best practices between its various facilities

Most importantly, Bostik ensures its employees are properly trained by experts and promotes exchanges within multiple teams to capitalise on available knowledge and experience. Groups trained at problem solving are implemented regularly to improve procedures. All collaborators are trained to Quality standards.



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