Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood flooring adhesives

Our adhesive solutions make hardwood flooring installations faster, easier and smarter.

As wood becomes ever more popular, we continue to introduce cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of your flooring projects. From parquet panels to solid wood planks, Bostik technologies are designed to improve durability, acoustic properties and comfort to enhance living spaces. 

Hardwood flooring adhesives: Smart benefits 

Bostik's hardwood flooring adhesives are suitable for all installations where wood flooring can be bonded.Whether you are working with solid or engineered wood, our adhesives offer a range of benefits to reduce risk and improve performance:

  • Strength: Engineered for superior adhesion, even on very wide wood planks.
  • Flexibility: Adhesive systems provide tough, flexible bonds with a variety of subfloor substrates including; concrete, plywood, and fibre cement sheets.
  • Low VOC adhesive: Bostik places a strong emphasis on formulating adhesives with benefits such as low VOCs, emissions and odour without compromising bond strength and long-term durability.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use with warm water underfloor heating systems.











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