Feminine Hygiene

Feminine care: smart adhesive solutions for the disposable hygiene industry

Even before we introduced the first high-performance attachment adhesive for feminine hygiene products, Bostik was recognised as a leading collaborative partner for manufacturers worldwide. Today, we offer a wide range of smart adhesives for feminine hygiene products. Highly robust. High peel performance. Lower add-on. Our adhesives help you provide your customers with a product that is reliable, discreet and comfortable.

If you are starting a new project or need innovative solutions to enhance your current ones, your first step should be to contact Bostik.

Smart applications for feminine care 

Pad attachment. Our smart adhesives enable you to produce a pad that sticks every time, stays in place and does not rip on removal. They also brilliantly adapt and adhere to most fabric topographies e.g. weaves, surface treatments and elongations. Advanced processability creates more consistent performance across add-on and temperature ranges.    

Construction. Innovative formulation makes for excellent processability. Low viscosity translates into significant cost savings through reduced add-on and lower application temperatures. Plus, the bond remains stable even in harsh shipping and storage conditions. 

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