Our Certificates

ISO 9001

The quality of Bostik is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certificate. But, for Bostik, our constant quality awareness is more important than this qualification. For our organisation, this means that the customer always takes centre stage, and that quality is the top priority in our daily activities. This is, in fact, part of our mission. These aspects are guaranteed by a number of qualified (external) organisations.

The objectives behind Bostik’s quality awareness are constant commitment to high quality, optimisation of the delivery reliability, and the desire to establish clear communication lines to customers and suppliers.

Our efforts in the area of quality assurance go beyond the regular text books. Bostik measures and monitors customer satisfaction, carefully controls its R&D activities and places great importance in the improvement processes. This last aspect increasingly involves working together with the customer.

Product certification
In addition to the company certification, Bostik also pays great attention to certifications at the product level. An independent organisation thereby ensures that the products are suitable for use in demanding applications, and that they comply with the highest standards. This combination of guaranteed product quality and certified applicability offers our customers the desired reliability.

ISO 9001 Certificate


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