Construction Adhesives


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Construction adhesives

The construction industry’s most comprehensive and innovative range of professional grade adhesives used by millions of architects, specifiers and contractors across the world.

As a leading global specialist in adhesive and sealant manufacturing, we strive to continuously move the market forward by delivering next-generation products which offer superior performance while meeting the latest international and local building codes and environmental standards.

Bostik professional products are used globally on a wide range of projects including hotels, sports venues, theaters, government buildings, retail outlets, corporate centers and manufacturing facilities. In fact, Bostik products have been used to construct and renovate many famous buildings and structures, and as such, are an integral part of some of the world’s best known landmarks and attractions.


Smart innovations

Many of our smart adhesives are world-renowned for use in domestic and large-scale construction projects. Innovative products such as our AXIOS™ Tri-Linking™ Polymer Technology, our Eponal 336 and Primatech system and our high-tech hybrid Parfix Elastic Universal adhesive represent revolutionary breakthroughs in adhesive science. 

Our line of sealants also includes construction sealants, waterproofing systems, flooring systems and insulation systems for heavy industrial and commercial construction projects.

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