Marine Sealants

Sail away with superior bonding

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Sail away with superior bonding 

Bostik’s complete line of sealant products for the leisure and commercial marine industry offer high performance and exceptional bonding for even the roughest waters. 

From window bonding, below water line sealing to above water line sealing and lubricant, Bostik’s range of applications for the marine industry speaks to our products’ versatility, making them the smart and durable choice. 

Environmentally-friendly products for leisure and commercial marine

Bostik provides primerless windshield and glass bonding sealant products for the leisure marine market. These products have no isocyanates and are solvent-free. Additionally, it has high tensile shear strength and high green strength, and are sandable and paintable.

Bostik also manufactures products for exterior marine applications. Suitable for sealing on many different substrates including glass, polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum and composite materials, these products are easy to remove without damaging boats’ gel coat paint systems.

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