Automotive Adhesives

Driving the future of automotive adhesives

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Automotive adhesives 

We pride ourselves on developing safer, faster and more efficient bonds for many of the world’s biggest car brands.

As an adhesives pioneer, we combine bold thinking and innovative ideas to create the smart adhesive solutions found in robotic automotive assembly lines across the globe.

Encompassing headliner adhesive, body panel adhesive, trim adhesives, windscreen bonding and anti flutter adhesives, our range of automotive products are designed to enhance your product performance and improve operational efficiencies. 

And whatever the interior or exterior application, our technical teams are on hand to meet your specific challenge – whether it’s about achieving lower costs-per-part or lower VOCs. 

Smart innovations

Our smart adhesives are defining the future of automotive assembly. Innovative and unique formulations like our isocyanate-free, silane-modified polymer technology (SMP) and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (HMPSA) are revolutionizing the way automotive manufacturers assemble their vehicles. 

There are many more Bostik smart adhesives to discover, from sound-damping innovations to superior creep test performers. 

Automotive adhesive application

  • Body panel adhesives
  • Headliner adhesives
  • Interior trim adhesives
  • Load floor adhesives
  • Upholstery and Carpet adhesive

Exterior applications 

  • Exterior trim adhesive
  • Hem flange adhesive
  • Windscreen bonding

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