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SAF®, MMA Adhesive Technology

In today’s grab-and-go world, finding an innovative solution to answer the several constrains of industrial bonding can be sometimes challenging. Our laboratory has successfully developed a range of structural adhesives with excellent technical properties capable to meet the highest requirements. 

Designed with patented methacrylates technology our SAF® range shows unmatched performance in term of resistance and flexibility. These adhesives have been designed for bonding a wide range of dissimilar substrates including metals and plastics as well as composite materials for industrial applications. The outstanding properties of the SAF® range allow structural bonding while keeping flexibility and fatigue resistance. From the flexible range (400% elongation) to the hyperstructural (30% elongation), they exhibit open times from one minute to 90 minutes to fit your specific needs. 

Our permament objective is to imagine solutions that make our world safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of our environment. The SAF® products have been developed to resist the most agressive environments and show unprecedented results facing weathering and ageing. 


Features and benefits :


  • Excellent environmental resistance: Unique resistance to humidity (including permanent immersion), U.V and other agressive environments. 
  • Permanent toughness and high elongation: Very high elongation and impact resistance, even after opening.
  • Minimal surface preparation: Time and cost reduction.
  • Wide service temperature range: Usage between -40°C to 150°C, while keeping mechanical properties.
  • Non-sag, application on vertical surfaces/High viscosity formulation: Remains in position when applied on vertical or overhead surfaces, allowing for greater process flexibility.
  • Wide range of open and curing time: Selection to fit application and process requirements. 




Our range of MMA Adhesive, SAF bonds a wide range of substrates. Its remarkable properties allow the bonding of composites, metals and plastics but also aluminum and stainless steel.

Our range is used in the shipbuilding industry, transportation, construction, signs, automotive, etc.

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