AW 2700/2701


    Key Features

    • n- Hexane solvent safe
    • Quick drying
    • High heat resistance (100⁰C)
    • High early green strength

    Contact Adhesive

    AW 2700/2701 Contact Adhesive is a premium quality, high solids, sprayable contact adhesive, featuring high heat resistance, good sprayability, and early green strength coupled with a good working tack life.

    Where to Use

    • Residential
    • Commercial


    • Boat and automotive interior applications where laminating or upholstery trimming work is required


    • Decorative plastic laminates (Formica,Laminex)
    • Timber and timber composites
    • Many natural and synthetic rubbers
    • Cementitious composites
    • Ferrous and non ferrous metals
    • Polyurethane foam


    • 20LT
    • 200LT


    • Clear - 2701
    • Red - 2700

    Technical Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet

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