Celebrating 120 years clag®

Clag® has been around for a long time, 120 years in fact. It was created in 1898 by the Angus family from Northern England and has been widely used as a general purpose adhesive ever since. 

During our 120 year history Clag® has been helping crafters and children alike to unleash their creativity, with their art and craft needs. 

Clag® is one of those household brands that is well recognised both at home and within Australian schools. 

Clag® is safe for children and absolutely ideal for cut and paste, papier mache, scrapbooking and collage. 

From Clag Paste and Clag Clear Gum to Clag Kids PVA, the possibilities are endless with Clag®. 

Best of all it’s made in Australia.

To celebrate 120 years of Clag, we're giving you a chance to win 1 of 5 prizes! Go to our Facebook page and tell us, your earliest memory of using Clag® to win.

Entries close 20/7 at 11:59pm, terms and conditions apply.

Clag® is getting even more popular today though with more and more kids making slime and great new creations like Glitter Slime and Christmas decorations to Papier Mache and Crystals. In fact, we have ideas that the whole family will love!

Go to our Facebook page and see the latest craft trends using Clag® 


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