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How do I pour levelling compounds to 100mm thick?

Bostik manufacture a number of cementitious floor levelers. These products are recommended for applications up to 25mm in depth at any one application. Should greater depths be required, it means that multiple applications of the product are required to achieve the required depth.

Bostik has looked at the possibility of post adding an aggregate to increase the application depth of these products. This has resulted in the following recommendation.

Bostik’s UL-75, UL-100, and UL-200 products can be bulked out with washed 5/2 mesh gravel/sand.

The recommended mix for this application is 2 parts leveler + 1 part washed 5/2 mesh gravel, mixed with 23% water.

This addition will not have any detrimental effect on the application properties, or the final properties of the products. With this addition, the products may then be applied at thicknesses up to a maximum of 100mm in one application.