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Bostik’s smart adhesives and polymer sealants are the solution for any carpentry needs. With the help of Bostik glues and fillers, carpentry work requires less mechanical fixing through nails and screws, and will be more resilient and flexible under stress. Adhesion points will also creak and groan less and will have long-term resistance to the effects of water and rust.

Filling and finishing is easy too with Bostik’s acrylic fillers, polymer sealant and polyurethane foam adhesive, which can be sanded and painted for a clean professional look. Bostik adhesives and fillers are essentials for any carpenter’s toolbox.


  • Expanda Foam: an one component, multipurpose polyurethane foam adhesive that will not shrink and cures to an airtight, moisture resistant seal. This self-expanding foam is ideal for general void and cavity filling and insulates against heat, cold and noise. This grab adhesive also blocks access by wildlife and vermin.
  • Gap Seal: a general purpose, water based, acrylic gap filler that can be used indoor and outdoor prior to painting. This general purpose acrylic gap filler is ideal for low movement joint seals and general purpose gap filling. This polymer sealant is also paintable with most paints for perfect finish.


  • Xtreme Flex: a general purpose, high performance, MSP sealant and adhesive that can be used indoor and outdoor. This sealant and adhesive is an excellent primerless adhesion to timber and a wide range of surfaces. This polymer sealant has a very high bond strength and is watermark approved.


  • Xtreme High Tack: a high performance MSP adhesive with extremely high initial grab strength. This high initial adhesive strength allows Xtreme High Tack to support immense weight without the aid of clamps, screws or nails. This grab adhesive has also no shrinkage and is bubble free.
  • No More Nails: a general purpose, solvent based construction adhesive suitable for bonding a wide variety of building materials. The No More Nails supports wallboard and minimizes the need for nails and screws. Reduces creaking caused by expansion and movement of nails and screws. No more nails is a high bond strength and chemical resistance and has an excellent adhesion to wide variety of surfaces including timber and plasterboard.
  • HG3 Glue Gun: an electric hot melt gun for use with Bostik HG3 Hot Melt Glue Sticks Provides an instant, clean and versatile bond. Can be used with wood, plastics, leather, ceramics, most plastics and polystyrene. The HG3 hot melt glue gun is easy to use trigger action.
  • AV XL Plus: a cross-linking PVA adhesive with excellent bond strength and resistance to heat and humidity. Recommended adhesive for cabinet and furniture assembly. This grab adhesive wood glue PVA produces a clear, non-staining glue line.

The Bostik Carpenters ranges are backed by rigorous testing to ensure products of the highest quality for carpenters to trust for the job.

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