Moisture barrier and general sealant for traincar manufacturers and rolling stock maintenance

Bostik sealants can be used on a variety of train car materials for all seam-sealing and gap-filling applications. 

Whether your rolling stock needs protection for interior or exterior fittings, our smart, easy-to-use technologies will ensure your carriage environment remains comfortable and safe for your passengers. 

Our range of sealant technologies remains flexible while sealing joints over the life of the vehicle. This allows for fluid joint movement and implements strong moisture protection qualities across all the various components of your train.


Adhesive technologies

For the purposes of general sealing, insulation and moisture prevention, you can choose from Bostik‚Äôs adhesives, specialised sealants, or even our smart polymer products to get the job done. 

Our solutions are specially developed for seam-sealing and gap-filling application within railway vehicles, preventing moisture leakage and general wear and tear, while simultaneously providing your railcar with greater stability and a highly aesthetic finish.

Our low-viscosity products also make it easy to apply and tool, allowing you to seal interior or exterior railcar fittings efficiently with no mess. Its high usability means it can be applied to your traincar floor, rain gutters, various bathroom components, bedroom installations, galleys and kitchen applications. 

Bostik sealant is also useful for back filling your windscreen installations once your window has been bonded to the cockpit. Whatever the scenario, be it initial installation processes or sealing after assembly, Bostik sealants will work wonders for your rolling stock maintenance. 

Our silyl-modified polymer technology has also been formulated into sealants, providing a cheaper, more efficient and longer lasting alternative to bolted-on panels.   

We have also designed a high quality fire-retardant adhesive that, as well as being used for various interior and exterior bonding applications, doubles as a very effective tool for floor insulation. 


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