priming Fluids

Priming Fluids

Clean and prime prior to solvent cement application

Preparation is crucial to produce high quality workmanship. Bostik PVC Priming Fluids aim to achieve just that by not only priming the surface PVC pipe before apply the solvent cement, but it also cleans the surface.This will ensure there are no contaminants remaining on the PVC pipe that could lead to product failure and subsequently costly repairs. 


Priming fluids: Smart innovations

Not only are Bostik priming fluids compatible with Type N & Type P solvent cements, they are colour coded red as per recognised industry standards to certify the application of a primer. But just in case a non-visible primer is desired, Bostik priming fluids are also available in clear. Better still, all Bostik priming fluids (except 125ml & 4L containers) come with a patented dauber to allow for easy application that minimise drips and spatter. 

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Priming Fluids

Bostik’s range of plumbing priming fluids prime and clean the surface of PVC pipes  to remove contaminants that lead to product failure and costly repairs.

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