Bostik Smart Schools Campaign Winners!

Bostik’s Smart Schools campaign was developed to inspire children and schools to be creative for a chance to win 1 of 3 $5,000 School Grants! 

Commencing on April 1, 2018 and wrapping up July 31, 2018, more than 960 entries from 304 schools were received from all around Australia.

Schools and their respective students around Australia were challenged to submit a “creative project” that included one or more Bostik products, for the chance to win $5,000 dollars for their school. 

With three different age categories, one winner was selected from each: the 5-8 yrs. group, the 9-10 yrs. group and the 11-13 yrs. group.

We want to congratulate the following schools for creating a craft that earned them $5,000 school grant! 

Winning School Age Group:  5-8 year olds.

Pioneer Village’s submission was created by 18 students was overseen by with Mrs Daniela Folini’s extension program, and overseen by Principal Mrs Louise Lont. 

The aim was to develop a small-scale replica of Pioneer Village School that was as realistic as possible, and to also capture the school’s uniqueness. To this end, the students incorporated models of their classrooms, the unique school grounds, peers, teachers and staff in the creation. It was brought to life using a great deal of Bostik products such as PVA glue, clear glue, Blu-Tack, tape, glitter glue, as well as recycled cardboard, crepe paper and boxes. The project took a term to complete. Students undertook weekly classes to complete the project as part of the extension program.

“Pioneer Village School students were highly engaged in this collaborative STEAM learning project. Now that Bostik has enabled the group to create the model, KodeKLIX technology will be used to light up the rooms, and to move the people up and down the street”. - Mrs Lont.

Winning School Age Group:  9-10 year olds.

St Patrick’s submission was created by five students aged 10 years old and was overseen by Admin Officer Annette Beitzel and Foundation teacher Karen Bray. 

Inspired by one of Bostik’ s most well-renowned school products, the students incorporated their peers in the creation, developing “human Blu Stiks” as well as a Bostik stand for them to rest in. The creation was brought to life using lots of glue sticks, Blu-Tak Colour, coloured cardboard and paper, and a large fridge box. The project spanned across four lunchtimes, totalling just over four hours for completion. 

“The planning group came up with the concept and decided what needed to be done. We carefully looked at how we could make the packaging and what a “human” Glu stik might look like,” Ms Beitzel says.  

“It was a fun bonding time for students and staff,” she adds. 

The money won will be put towards outdoor equipment for St Patrick’s.

“We are in the process of building a new playground for the students and the girls thought that it would be nice to add it to that project so that all the children at school would benefit,” Ms Beitzel adds.

Winning School Age Group:  11-13 year olds.

Edgeworth’s submission was created by eight students aged 10-11, supported by personalised learning teacher Mrs Mandii Graham. 

Inspired by Bostik’s brand logo, their entry included a large green Gecko, affectionately named “Sticky”. The creation was brought to life using balloons for the mould, lots of Bostik’s School Glue PVA, glitter, and Bostik’s Fine & Wide Glue. One hour was set aside every Friday afternoon for six weeks to complete the project. 

“We thought the best way to show off what glue can do was to make something soft, like wool, turn hard and keep its form by itself. After considering a few different shapes and looking at what balloons we could use as moulds, we decided a Bostik gecko might give us the winning edge,” Mrs Graham says.

“It is fantastic that their hard work and effort is being recognised and it is incredibly rewarding as a teacher to see students succeed,” she adds.  

The Bostik Smart School grant will go a long way towards providing our students with new and improved resources to support the creative and performing arts syllabus,” Mrs Graham adds.

Bostik’s Stationery & Craft Product Manager, Sonia Pace, says that introducing grants like this was a great way to help schools raise much needed funds, and better still, get the children participating and leading in the process.

“It was great to see so many schools get involved and submit their creations. Each one showed innovation and complexity, which made picking the winners incredibly difficult,” Ms Pace says.

“Supporting our teachers and parents is integral to our business, meaning that we are always looking for new ways to engage with schools and education programs. This competition is just one of the ways we hope to give back,” Ms Pace says.

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