Announcing the Smart Schools Winners for 2019!

Smart Schools 2019

A great big thank you to everyone who took part in Smart Schools 2019. We were floored with the amount of outstanding and unique creative projects submitted, and we love how much students, teachers and parents continue to inspire us.

Read about our amazing winners in each of the age groups below, and follow us on Facebook to learn more about some of the great ideas you can try in your home or classroom.

Winning School Age Group: 5-8 YEAR OLDS

TIME MACHINE by Pascoe Vale North Primary School, VIC

The grade ones and twos at Pascoe Vale North Primary School used PVA, Glu Stiks, and Hot Glue to create a futuristic Time Machine.

They made it out of waste products with the idea that not only are recycled products interesting to look at with their colours, texture and shape but also that if we got into our Time Machine and went to the future, these materials would be produced with sustainability in mind.

No more items taking up landfill space!

Runner up project: Recyc-Hill by Bellerive Primary School, TAS

Time Machine Smart Schools

Winning School Age Group:  9-10 YEAR OLDS

STRIVE TO SURVIVE by Belmore South Public School, NSW

The turtle was Belmore South Public School's Art Club project. It emphasized the human impact on our wonderful wildlife.

Everyday plastic items and hot glue were used to create this sculpture.

The message behind it is to rethink and reuse before throwing anything out.

This project made everyone at school realise just how dependent on plastic we are - we need to change habits and act fast.

Runner Up: Clag Bottles In Bloom by St. Bernard's Primary School, VIC

Special Mention: Eco-Mansion by Dandenong North Primary School, VIC

Strive To Survive Smart Schools

Winning School Age Group:  11-13 YEAR OLDS

PRECIOUS OCEANS by Leschenault Catholic Primary School, WA

Leschenault Catholic Primary School have been exploring how plastics are impacting our oceans and the ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle this pollutant to protect all marine life.

They used Bostik’s PVA and Glue Guns to create their layered mural.

Runner Up: The Machines Take Over by Drouin Primary School, VIC

Precious Oceans


Collaborative Collage by School of the Good Shepherd Primary School, VIC

Artists such as Dale Chihuly and Henry Rossseau were inspiration for their vibrant pieces.

They used recycled materials including plastic cups, torn paper, newspaper and milk bottles alongside PVA, Glue Stiks and Clag to create new items.


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