The hardware and construction market today is flooded with a wide variety of adhesives promising to be faster and stronger than ever before. More recently, we have seen the emergence of “High Tack” or “Instant Hold” products. The core feature of these products is to hold enhanced weight during the curing process, reducing or removing the need for mechanical fixing through nails or screws. 

This is truly a revolutionary development in adhesive technology. Without the need of nails, screws or clamps an enormous amount of time can be saved and completed work will be cleaner and require less finishing. However, the claims made on these products can often be misleading and their performance can vary widely. Whilst it’s true that high tack adhesives are game changers, an underperforming product can mean a less than desirable result and a job that has to be repeated. Poor quality high tack products will fail to support the weight of the bonded item during cure and this can result in movement or slumping of the fixture, particularly in vertical applications. 

To demonstrate this, the Bostik Boys have put some of the most commonly found “High Tack” solutions to the test against Bostik’s very own Xtreme High Tack. The results speak for themselves and present the risks of using inferior brands. Save yourself the hassle and see the proof for yourself!

Ask your local hardware or construction retailer about Xtreme High Tack today. Now available in 290ml cartridges and coming soon in 600ml sausages! 

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