Project Spotlight: La Quinta Inn & Suites

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La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn is expanding across North America with both new construction and extensive renovations. The phased program includes hundreds of hotels with a design that intends to elevate the brand and deliver a consistent, modern aesthetic. PanelTack and the ventilated façade system, is making a positive impact on this extensive project, as it is ideally suited for the hotel chain’s retrofit work.

Facts & Figures

  • PanelTack allows the use of very thin gauged porcelain tile panels minimizing the weight added to an existing building
  • Installation time was 60% less than mechanical fastened systems
  • Installation costs were half the price of mechanical fastened systems
Bostik Adhesives: 
PanelTack™ System of Wall Panel and Façade Cladding Adhesives


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