Floor Primer

Floor primer

Since surface preparation adds another step to the installation process, there is a tendency to reduce or even eliminate it all together, making priming an often-overlooked aspect of flooring. Using the right concrete primer for the job is just as important as selecting the right self-leveling underlayment, repair patch, membrane or adhesive. 

Smart benefits 

Applying the right floor primer can greatly improve adhesion of self-leveling underlayments to subfloors, resulting in a more secure, durable installation. Nearly all of the water used in mixing self-levelers is used in the curing process, so primers are also critical to keep that water in the mixture allowing it to cure properly. Without a primer, water can escape from the mixture into the pores of the substrate, causing performance problems due to improper cure. Floor primer also enables self-leveling underlayments to perform as designed, maximizing flow and providing optimum strength development.

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