Tile Grout Colors

Add a touch of style to your tile installations with Bostik grout colors

Whether you want to achieve a distinctive designer look with a new installation or refresh and old one to its former brightness, our variety of grout formulations and colors offer many design and performance options.

Smart benefits

Our vast range of formulations and colors give you the flexibility to design truly beautiful and long lasting tile finishes. Our specially formulated urethane and epoxy grouts provide superior long term durability without the need to apply topical sealers at any time over the life of the installation. Our cement-based grouts provide a range of options when seeking a more traditional set of installation materials and methods. 

Ceramic tile grout

When it comes to ceramic tile grout, Bostik offers a wide range of designer colors covering the full spectrum from black to brilliant white – and everything in between. 

Bostik Dimension® RapidCure™ grout

Want to add an elegant, light reflecting sparkle to your grout? Our innovative Dimension® RapidCure™ is a glass-filled, premium, pre-mixed, urethane grout containing Bostik’s proprietary HXD™ Technology. It contains 60% recycled glass content and is one of the most innovative grout solutions on the market today. Because it is glass-filled, it provides a unique aesthetic affect as it lets light pass through the grout joint and into the tile itself, creating a three dimensional appearance in translucent glass tiles. Dimension® RapidCure™ is an easy-to-apply, pre-mixed product that enables you to clean as you go; making installations up to 50% faster than alternative chemistries. 

From Diamond to Bronze, you're sure to find the perfect designer color to complement your tile installation.

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