Industrial Adhesives

Smart adhesives for industrial manufacturing

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Industrial adhesives

Our adhesive systems are used in the manufacturing and assembly of components across a diverse range of industrial sectors.

From transportation and assembly to food labeling and packaging, we partner with global manufacturing leaders to innovate smarter adhesives. 

While Bostik technologies make your products lighter, safer and more durable, our expertise goes beyond developing high-performing, multi-purpose adhesives. We improve your production processes with time and cost-saving solutions, making your operations more efficient, competitive and sustainable.

Choose your market

Our extensive experience in the adheisve industry means we’re perfectly placed to understand the unique challenges of your sector. Find out more about our industrial markets:

  • Aerospace adhesives: Our fire-retardant adhesives for aircraft interiors are custom formulations that set us apart from competitors and are designed specifically to increase passenger safety and manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Assembly adhesives: From circuit boards to power plants, discover our expansive range of adhesives for assembly applications that make products stronger and more innovative.
  • Automotive adhesives: Learn about our award-winning bonding solutions for automotive interiors and exteriors formulated to meet today's ever-increasing performance and aesthetic requirements.
  • Building components and weatherproofing adhesives: Backed by industry validations, our adhesive and sealant solutions for the building components and weatherproofing market are designed to improve construction projects as a whole and are strong enough to withstand even the harshes weather conditions.
  • General transportation adhesives: We offer market-leading solutions for bonding, glazing and sealing in marine, rail, truck, bus, RV and specialty vehicle sectors that improve transportation overall quality and performance.
  • Packaging adhesives: Our pacakging adhesives are designed to meet a variety of applications, from rigid packaging's demands to flexible packaging's versatility.
  • Tape and label adhesives: Find out about our aesthetic, durable and versatile adhesive solutions for tape suppliers as well as our extensive line of label adhesives for a variety of applications.


Added value bonding solutions

We partner with manufacturers to create customized adhesive solutions, improving your production performance and cost control: 

Manufacturing efficiency

Achieve cost-in-use benefits through time, material and energy savings. Bostik ‘one-system solutions’ minimize pre-treatment and eliminate unnecessary production stages. 

Technical and process support

Get expert support from our technical team. Bostik engineers work directly with customers every step along the way to improve operating efficiency and reduce production time and costs. 


Take a greener approach to bonding. At Bostik, we are dedicated to offering durable and sustainable adhesive solutions that are free of VOCs and isocyanates.

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