Aerospace Adhesives

The sky’s the limit with our aerospace interior adhesives

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Aerospace adhesives

Covering the passenger and cockpit areas all the way through to the cargo hold, our aerospace interior adhesives are defining the way modern airplanes are built.

As a business at the forefront of aerospace interior adhesive technologies, we’re achieving new heights with our smart solutions.

We specialize in working directly with airplane manufacturers to create the unique and special interiors that set them apart from their competitors. Using our significant R&D and technical expertise, we work to develop custom formulations that lower costs and identify and eliminate inefficiencies in adhesive use.

What’s more, our customers benefit from our world-renowned specialism in fire-retardancy. When it comes to aerospace interior adhesives, we focus on developing products that protect from fire as well as provide strong bonds, ensuring a higher level of safety for passengers and crew in dangerous situations.

Smart innovations

Our smart adhesives are firmly at the cutting-edge of aerospace assembly. Innovative products such as our pressure sensitive film adhesives, solvent and water-based liquid adhesives and web adhesives are defining modern airplane assembly practices.

Explore our extensive range of aerospace smart adhesives, from stain-resistant embossing resins to pressure sensitive films. 

Aerospace adhesive applications

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