Fire-retardant textile Adhesives

Fire-retardant web adhesives for aircraft upholstery

As well as providing bonding solutions for the automotive market, Bostik fire-retardant textile adhesives are widely used for interior fittings in aerospace.

Smart benefits

Fire-retardant textile adhesives are typically found in aircraft seating. Our fire-retardant solutions can be applied to a vinyl or leather base, before being topped with a plus pad. Decorative trims, cushions and ceiling upholstery are also bonded with these versatile adhesives.

In addition to having the capacity to bond to leather, vinyl and urethane foams, Bostik’s fire-retardant solutions adhesives come with a variety of activation temperatures, alterable weights in grams per square yard, and several hot-melt polyester varieties for ease-of-application. Plus, many of these products are fire-retardant to aid occupant safety.

Key technology: web adhesive

Although film adhesives are available, our main technology is web adhesive.

Web adhesives are hot melt adhesives converted into a thin, web-like film. These products simplify bonding processes and provide a safer, smarter alternative for adhesion.

Aircraft manufacturers using Bostik web adhesives benefit from:

  • Superior usage control – optimized weight to performance ratio
  • Less waste – web adhesives prevent over-spray as well as waste from film applications
  • Cost-efficiencies - reduced energy and operating costs, plus better utilization of plant space
  • Low environmental impact – Bostik web adhesives are VOC free
  • Fire-retardant - non-fire-retardant webs are also available for less stringent applications

The flexible, fabric-like qualities of web adhesives also mean they can be easily applied in both intermittent and continuous manufacturing processes.

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