Renewable Energy Adhesives

Innovative adhesives for renewal energy

Bostik offers renewal energy adhesive products in the assembly market designed to help improve our environment. 

These adhesive products have applications in energy storage and batteries, wind power and solar applications. 

From blade assembly to panel bonding, Bostik’s innovative renewal energy adhesive products are proven in the assembly market to be the smart, efficient and cost effective choice. 

Our customers also appreciate Bostik’s ability to work with them every step along the way to ensure every need is met.

Bostik offers a variety of adhesive products for wind power systems. These products include polyolefins, EVAs, polyurethanes, polyamides and proprietary web technology. 

Renewable energy adhesives - featured products

Herberts® EPS877 and Herberts® EPS988

Bostik also manufactures Herberts EPS877 and Herberts EPS988, which are solvent-based, two-component polyurethane cross-linking adhesive systems designed for heat resistant, technical laminates. These adhesive systems are also designed for deep-drawable and sterilization laminates and are used for solar panel applications in the renewable energy market.

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