Rail Adhesives

Rolling stock adhesive for railcar manufacturers

From the sealing and flooring to the windshield and cockpit, you can find our smart adhesives transforming almost every aspect of modern rail stock and railcar assembly.

Fire retardancy and superior performance

Our chemists create adhesives to stay ahead of changes in rail regulation and vehicle design. In fact, many of our products already meet the full range of hazard levels and exceed upcoming European and North American safety standards for smoke, flame and toxicity – such as EN45545 and NFPA 130. 

Our range of smart adhesives stands for safe, strong and reliable railcar assembly for today and decades to come. That‘s why rolling stock manufacturers choose Bostik adhesives to meet environmental tests, achieve superior performance and guarantee a safer, more comfortable environment for passengers. 

Smart innovations

Bostik adhesives are at the forefront of rail stock and railcar assembly. Industry-leading technologies like our silyl modified polymer (SMP) adhesives provide a wealth of smart properties, from fire retardancy to exceptional green strength. 

Discover our extensive range of rail stock and railcar adhesives, including pressure sensitive fire-retardant acrylic films and high-performance hot-melt polyester products.


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