Truck, bus and RV adhesiveS

Bonding adhesives for truck, bus and RV manufacturers  

At Bostik, our transport portfolio includes adhesives for truck manufacturers, bus manufacturers and RV manufacturers

Our smart systems are designed to meet all your bonding, glazing and sealing requirements, while significantly reducing your production time.

Whether you need an elastic adhesive for bus panel bonding or a hot melt for truck cab seating, we have a market-leading product to suit your needs.

Truck, bus and RV adhesive: applications


Trucks, trailers, buses, recreational and speciality vehicles are constructed throughout the world using Bostik adhesives and sealants.  

But our expertise goes beyond providing strong, flexible and sustainable bonds. We also offer unparalleled technical support to our customers, from auditing your assembly process to helping you cut costs and labor time. 

Contact our technical team for a consultation on how Bostik adhesives can benefit your production process.

Truck cab adhesive applications

Bostik adhesives meet the demands of truck manufacturers for elasticity, torsional stiffness, temperature and weather resistance, adhesion to dissimilar materials and minimal surface preparation. 

Featuring proprietary technologies, like silyl modified polymer (SMP), our solutions are designed for efficiency, durability and styling aesthetics. 

Whether you need a slow skin formulation for exterior truck assembly, or a high viscosity for immediate grab, you’ll find a wealth of bonding options with Bostik. 

Our truck cab applications include:  

  • Exterior assembly: trim and molding
  • Window, headlights and windscreens 
  • Cladding, roof, floor, door and panel
  • Interior assembly: seating, fabric, insulation, headliner, floor covering and trim 

Bus adhesive applications

We have an extensive range of adhesives for buses and luxury coaches that deliver strong, safe and reliable bonding. Many of these products offer excellent UV resistance and will not shrink, chalk, or crack over time.

We understand that efficiency in the production process is critical to bus manufacturers. That’s why our smart solutions eliminate the need for surface pretreatment and greatly reduce clamping time.

Our products also address environmental concerns in the manufacturing process. Our bus adhesives are free of isocyanates, meaning they achieve significant reductions in VOCs. 

Bostik bus adhesive applications include: 

  • Panel and roof bonding
  • Cab bonding
  • Subfloor bonding
  • Front / rear cap bonding
  • Molding and trim 
  • Windshield / window direct glazing 

RV adhesive applications

We offer a wide variety of adhesives for the assembly of recreational vehicles (RVs), including motorhomes, campers and caravans. 

Here our elastic adhesives balance the need for weight reduction and durability. Plus, they provide flexibility, UV resistance and short or long open times.

By replacing your conventional fixings, screws and rivets with our adhesives, your RV also benefits from improved aesthetics. 

Bostik RV adhesive applications include: 

  • Panel and roof bonding 
  • Composite panel bonding
  • Subfloor bonding
  • Front / rear cap bonding
  • Molding and trim
  • Windshield bonding 

Truck, bus and RV adhesive: technologies

Silyl modified polymer (SMP) 

Bostik was the first to market with SMP adhesives for transportation and we’ve been leaders in this smart technology for over 25 years. 

Our SMP-based elastic adhesives are suitable for a wide range of truck, bus and RV applications, particularly bonding large surface areas. As well as providing temperature resistance for longer periods of time, they boast considerable shock absorbing capability. 

Combining the advantages of silicone and polyurethane, the SMP chemistry enables high performance and ease of use. SMP adhesives are primerless on most substrates and offer flexibility with a wide range of viscosities and open times available.

Free of isocyanates and solvents, SMPs are also environmentally friendly. 

Hot melt pressure sensitive (HMPSA)

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are ideal for a variety of internal applications, from bonding foam and fabrics to gasket applications. 

Whether you require permanent bonds or removable adhesion, HMPSAs provide multiple uses for transportation markets. 

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