Case & Carton Seal AdhesiveS

Case and carton seal adhesives for the packaging market offer the quality customers deserve and the value they expect.

Bostik’s case and carton seal adhesive products for the packaging market are flexible, strong and offer extraordinary thermal stability. 

From freezer and general purpose to low application temperature and thermal stability, Bostik’s innovative formulas enable these case and carton seal adhesive products to maximize customers’ manufacturing efficiencies.

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Cutting-edge knowledge in packaging market

They have the right open and set times and are optimized to perform most efficiently for today’s rapid production requirements. 

Bostik’s case and carton seal adhesive products are also designed to handle a wide range of end-use temperatures and have high performance on difficult-to-adhere to substrates.

Furthermore, Bostik’s cutting-edge knowledge in the packaging market enables our company to serve as expert problem solvers and develop any case and carton seal solution customers may need. 

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