Flexible Packaging Adhesives

Versatile, innovative and smart flexible packaging adhesive products

Bostik’s flexible packaging adhesive products for fill packaging, horizontal flow packaging, laminating and lidding are the smart choice in the packaging market.

A innovative leader in flexible packaging, Bostik’s adhesive products provide customers with cutting edge technology to meet their needs. 


Fill packaging adhesives

Bostik offers fill packaging adhesive products for general purpose sealing, dual ovenable sealing, refrigerable sealing, resealing and specialty sealing. These adhesives for the flexible packaging market have a range of technologies, including water-based, hot melts and solvent-based, ensuring there’s a Bostik product to meet customers’ diverse needs. Bostik’s products for fill packaging adhesives including our Turbo-Seal® line, Vitel® resins, JB reseals and M-Resins.

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Horizontal flow packaging adhesives

Bostik’s horizontal flow packaging adhesives for confectionary, granola, snacks and bakery markets are responsive and innovative. With over 100 years in the flexible packaging market, Bostik is a proven market leader in horizontal flow packaging adhesives.

Offering water-based, cold seal and reseal technologies, this line of adhesive products for flexible packaging meet customers’ most demanding requirements. 

Featured horizontal flow packaging adhesive products

Turbo-Seal® C1775B and C2881

Turbo-Seal® C1775B and C2881 are water-based cohesive coatings for candy and snack food flexible packaging applications. They are based on a blend of natural rubber latex and synthetic rubber latex. Formulated to be low foaming on high speed coating equipment, these products also have high flexibility and minimal blocking to suitable release films and laquers. 

Laminating adhesives

Bostik’s flexible packaging laminating adhesive products provide systems used for film to foil and film to film applications in the food and medical markets. 

Laminating adhesive applications

Bostik’s laminating adhesive products are used in films, pouches, ink binders and primers. These products are designed to meet the innovative needs of the flexible packaging market. 

Bostik’s Herberts line is comprised of dry bond laminating adhesives for flexible packaging. These high performing adhesives can be either solvent-based or solvent-less. Bostik’s solvent-based Herberts laminating adhesives are polyester-based adhesives applied out of ethyl acetate or acetone using a hardener. 

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The solvent-less adhesives for laminating are one-and-two component systems designed for use in medium to high-performance laminations. Both types of Herberts can be tailored to the most demanding flexible packaging applications, up to and including retort stable laminations. 

Laminating adhesive products

Herberts LF191X3

Herberts LF191X3 is a high-performing, one component laminating adhesive useful in lamination containing SiOx or AIOx coated films.

Herberts EPS179/EPS74

Herberts EPS179/EPS74 is a solvent-based system that can adhere to standard films such as PET, aluminum and OPP and more unique films, like PVDF.

Herberts EPS71 is a high solids, dry laminating adhesive film good for many film to film and film to aluminum laminations. It has good heat resistance when used with proper hardeners as well as passing sterilization resistance on many film to film laminations.


Bostik’s flexible packaging adhesive products are also used in lidding applications. These heat seal coatings are manufactured using a combination of technologies. For example, Bostik’s lidding adhesive products use hot melt systems based on polymers such as EVA for yogurt wrapping. 

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Bostik’s line of Vitel® copolyester resins are also suitable for extrusion coating, coextrusion or solvent cast heat seal coatings on PET film.

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