Industrial sealants

Strong and durable sealant products for many applications

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Industrial Sealants

We are a leading global sealant specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. As a global market leader, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise to develop innovative sealant solutions to respond to the highest standards and customer requirements all over the world.

Our specially formulated industrial sealants range covers an incredibly broad selection of applications, technologies and products. Whether you need sealants for rail, automotive, marine or truck, bus and RV applications, we’ve got a Bostik product to meet your challenges.

Industrial sealant markets


Our range of automotive solutions for spot weld sealing and weathershield sealing provide the pinnacle of excellence in automotive sealant technologies and save time on the assembly line.  


Whether you’re caulking a teak deck or creating integral fire seals to meet below deck fire retardancy regulations, we’ve got the perfect sealants for any marine application.  


Our comprehensive range of rail sealants covers floor sealants, door sealant, moisture barrier and general sealing. 

Truck, bus and RV

For these specialist global markets, we provide chassis sealant, window sealant, general sealing and back-filling sealant products. 


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