Truck, Bus & RV Sealants

Smart sealant solutions for truck, bus and RV manufacturers

At Bostik, we offer sealant solutions dedicated to the needs of truck manufacturersRV manufacturers and bus manufacturers.

Our total systems are designed to meet all your bonding and sealing requirements, while significantly reducing your production time.

Whether you need an SMP sealant for a glazing application or an elastic solution for body seaing, we offer a comprehensive range of efficient sealants to help you reach a perfect end result.

Truck, bus and RV sealant: applications

From reducing VOCs to minimizing surface preparation time, we understand the critical requirements of contemporary vehicle design. 

That’s why our industrial sealant products are specially formulated to offer strength and durability, while improving process time and aesthetic finish. 

But our expertise goes beyond delivering excellent sealing performance. We also offer unparalleled technical support to our customers, from auditing your assembly process to making cost-saving recommendations. 

Contact our technical team for a consultation on how Bostik sealants can benefit your production process.

Truck cab sealant applications

Our sealants for truck cabins are easy to apply and come in a range of viscosities to suit your needs. We offer solutions for applications including chassis, headliner and window sealing. 

The Bostik 70-01A product is specially developed for sealing in truck cabins. This multipurpose permanent elastic sealant is suitable for applications where movement can occur. It boasts very good aging properties and a fast-curing, odorless formulation. 

Bus sealant applications

Our sealants for buses and luxury coaches cover interior and exterior sealing applications, including frame, weldline, panel, roof, floor, gap filling and engine firewall. 

Bostik products like STR360A Slow Skin Formula provide exceptional sealing performance and resistance to UV, weather and temperature. Based on silyl modified polymer technology (SMP), STR360A SKF is also solvent and silicone-free and contains no isocyanates.

RV sealant applications

We offer a wide range of sealants for the assembly of recreational vehicles (RVs), including motorhomes, campers and caravans. 

These products are suitable for door, window and general sealing and vary in strength, flexibility and skin/open times. 

Our STR220A product is a multipurpose sealant suitable for elastic sealing in caravans and trailer construction. This smart solution saves valuable time in the production process by adhering to many different substrates without primer. It can also be easily extruded by hand or air pressure gun. 

Truck, bus and RV sealant: technologies

Silyl modified polymer (SMP)

Bostik has been market leader in SMP technology for the transport market for over 25 years. 

Laboratory tests show that SMP technology has a much higher UV resistance than polyurethane technology. This property makes it ideal for sealing the windows and body construction of trucks, buses and RVs. Industry-leading Bostik sealants like 70-01A, STR360A SKF and STR220A are all based on SMP technology. 

SMP products also save time in the painting process. Paint can be applied after the bead has formed a skin layer; while polyurethane sealants need to have fully cured prior to painting. 


Our one-part urethane sealants offer fast-set solutions that cure with atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal. PU products are well-suited to RV, truck trailer, emergency vehicle and bus applications. 

Butyl sealants

Our non-hardening mastic sealants are designed to form a weatherproof and dustproof seal which stays permanently flexible. Bostik butyl sealants are a popular choice for restoring vintage caravans.

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