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With over 30 years of experience, Bostik is a major player of the appliance industry. Our products are used globally in the manufacturing of home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, home laundry and dishwashers. Our customers can rely on our broad portfolio, a premium product range, a full technical support and a worldwide footprint.

Adhesive for home appliance: applications

Bostik and Arkema have developed together a unique package for the appliance industry to provide production efficiency and product improvement, and to reduce products’ environmental footprint as well. Our products are used for very different applications such as cabinet seam sealing, gasketing, parts assembly, control panels bonding, coil bonding…

Refrigerators’ cooling coil bonding

To answer new energy savings classifications, refrigerators and freezers must achieve high efficiency. The bond between the cooling coil and the cabinet is a critical element to achieve those requirements. Our butyl adhesives such as conductive butyl B1160 and Kontakmassa are applied directly to the coil to insure a perfect thermal conductivity.

Refrigerators’ cabinet seam sealing

Cabinet seam sealing prevents insulation leaks, which could occur during the foaming process. By applying the suitable hotmelt adhesive like Thermogrip H4318, Thermogrip H5068A or TEF 50 MD in the bends and in the corners of the cabinet, a perfect and lasting gasket is shaped.

Adhesive for home appliance: technologies

We resort to several adhesive and sealant technologies to meet challenges of home appliance manufacturers:

  • Thermally conductive butyl for coil bonding, bringing superior heat conductivity, excellent production versatility and waste reduction
  • Foam-in-place hotmelt for seam sealing and gasketing, allowing lightweight material, fast operations and clean process
  • Hotmelt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (HMPSA) for various bonding with low odor and high initial tack
  • Silyl-modified polymers (SMP) for various bonding, with no isocyanate, process adjustability and adhesion to many substrates
  • Butyl putties for various sealing, with permanent plasticity and tackiness and excellent aging and cold temperature resistance

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