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Hello again, dear colleagues,

During my recent travels, I engaged in many fascinating conversations with colleagues across all GBUs. I asked them everything I wanted to know about innovations and the impact they make on the world around us.

Now, let's discover and celebrate what they have to share with us today.

Construction and Consumer (C&C)

“It’s all about making customers’ lives better in an ever-changing world”

Our business unit ‘Construction and Consumer’ target is service construction professionals or entrepreneurs looking for a more efficient range of products to perform their everyday jobs, or consumers in search for easy-to-use products to do it themselves. Their construction adhesives and sealants hold it all together – from sun-inviting window frames to elegant, sturdy walls and floors, and secure packaging for precious belongings.

Rodrigo Lacerda, Senior VP - Global Head of Construction and Consumer Business / Building Materials / Construction Chemicals / Adhesives
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Advanced Packaging and Converting (AP&C)

"We're not just making life easier for consumers; we're paving the way for a sustainable future!"

Our 'Advanced Packaging and Converting' unit improves packaging for consumer convenience using versatile adhesive solutions, widely applied in labels, tapes, flexible packaging (especially in food and beverage), car wrapping, spill-free packaging, and secure transit. They enable, inspire, and empower businesses to create whatever they can imagine, improving their sustainable production, circular economy and packaging processes. 

Tim Pione, Senior Vice President and General Manager-Adhesives 
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Durable Goods

“Our adhesive is part of almost every product around you”

The 'Durable Goods' business unit specializes in adhesive solutions that play a crucial role in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics. From electric vehicle batteries to heat-resistant innovations, their adhesives are essential for innovation and product durability. Smartwatches and smartphones also rely on their adhesives for screen security. Guillaume Desurmont offers additional insights.

Guillaume Desurmont, SVP Bostik, Head of the Durable Goods Global Business Unit
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Hygiene, Paper and Cardboard (HP&C)

 “We are really touching the daily lives of all generations” 

Our 'Hygiene, Paper, and Cardboard' unit excels in Fast Moving Consumer Goods like Food & Beverage Packaging and Hygienic products, offering solutions for product integrity, hygiene, and safety. Their Hot Melt adhesives are invisible, solvent-free, and applied at high temperatures to prevent bacterial contamination. Their mission is to provide sustainable bonding solutions, improving daily lives. Jeff Merkt and Pascal Peroni discuss the unit's impact.

Jeff Merkt, Senior Vice President Bostik Inc. and Hygiene, Paper & Cardboard Global Business Unit  &
Pascal Peroni, Global Strategic Marketing Director - Hygiene, Paper & Cardboard Adhesives