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How we ‘pack’ a punch to make impact?

We're making a significant impact in two key areas: 
  1. Convenience: We create versatile packaging, compact designs, and smarter ways to access and protect food, enhancing the lives of consumers worldwide.
  2. Sustainability: We're committed to sustainable solutions that reduce materials and meet regulatory and consumer demands, supporting a circular economy.

Our innovations are strongly sustainability-driven

Innovation is a core part of our sustainability efforts. For instance, our 'Bostik SF10M' adhesive is recyclable in PE structures. We're also transitioning to eco-friendly solvents for applications like paint protection film and reducing energy consumption with our UV acrylic program, contributing to a greener future.


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Innovations are not possible without very close relations with our customers. Our customer intimacy is driving our ability to develop these solutions.

Deep sense of pride and unity

Our team's culture is defined by pride, unity, and a warm welcome, evident during our transition to Arkema and Bostik. We prioritize collaboration, an entrepreneurial spirit, equal opportunities, and global dedication, which propels our market excellence.