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How we smooth up the world around us? 

Making an impact on people’s lives across all generations 

"We're making a profound impact across generations by prioritizing environmentally friendly technologies that offer comfort and safety. Our products provide a "feel-good" experience, both in terms of comfort and sustainability.

Sustainability is our core, from production to fostering a circular economy and encouraging reuse. That's why we proudly dub ourselves 'sustainability enablers'.

Our standout innovation 

An example of our commitment is Kizen®, a high-performance hot melt adhesive technology for consumer packaging. It enhances user-friendliness, reduces adhesive consumption, and supports paper and carton recycling, aligning with our customer-centric approach and anticipation of an 80% biosourced generation.

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We're committed to responsibility and collaboration. Trusting our global team's expertise and working efficiently, we ensure value for our customers and market alignment through regional collaboration.

Our French plant of RIBECOURT is the first one at BOSTIK to be certified ISCC PLUS, allowing to produce cutting-edge polyolefin low carbon footprint Hot Melts, a milestone for the HP&C team and for the company.”