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BrillianceTM delivers smart solutions for elastic attachment

Today’s disposable hygiene users are more active, creating a higher demand for reliable elastic attachment performance than ever before. Our game-changing Brilliance, the world’s first high-performance olefin elastic attachment adhesive, is designed to meet this demand. With the ability to run at temperatures as low as 135°C, Brilliance consistently delivers excellent creep and shear performance. It also enables you to use a wider variety of softer or more cost-effective substrates. And it does it all with unexpected operational efficiencies.


Eliminate production challenges

Many disposable hygiene manufacturers have experienced the challenges created by today’s softer, thinner substrates – materials consumers prefer. Brilliance’s ability to run at low application temperatures eliminates these challenges and creates new opportunities for you:

Increase operational flexibility and productivity. This lower application temperature not only reduces downtime from bleedthrough, overspray, and distortion, but can decrease cleaning time and wear and tear of nozzles, hoses, and other equipment. Brilliance means no adhesive limits to changing application heads, substrates, elastics, line speeds, or viscosity.


Creep and shear performance, even at low temperatures

Improve consumer satisfaction. Extensive trials where Brilliance ran at low temperatures for extended periods consistently proved its ability to deliver superior performance and excellent operational consistency. Your products reliably adjust to movements to keep wearers dry. Plus, with the ability to use the newest substrates, your products are softer and more comfortable.




Proven to perform over time

Before its launch, we put Brilliance to the test…again and again. The data consistently proved that it’s a reliable and superior performer. Our ongoing customer trials reveal the same.


Find out more about how Brilliance’s ability to run at low application temperatures can eliminate challenges and enhance product performance. Talk to us.


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