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Sustainability vs CSR

Sustainability is a measure of how something positively affects three areas: the environment, the economy, and society (sometimes called ethical issues). To be sustainable, all of these topics have to be taken into account.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a framework or strategy used by companies to make and measure progress in becoming more sustainable. A complete CSR plan addresses all three areas of sustainability.









Raw Materials vs Resources

Raw materials are the ingredients that make up or are used to produce the final product.

Resources include raw materials, plus energy sources, water, and air, used, or affected by production of the final product.






Bio-based vs Renewable vs Sustainable

Bio-based materials come from recently living things, like crops, wood, or algae. All bio-based materials are renewable.

Renewable describes both materials and energy. Renewable sources include sun, wind, waves, and
bio-based materials.

Sustainable considers the environment, plus economy and society.