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Acrylic adhesive for exceptionally strong bonds with low emissions

Our acrylic adhesives provide strength, immediate tack, and capacity to bond to a broad variety of substrates.

We’ve been working with acrylic-based solutions for decades. Our R&D teams have continuously delivered innovation through specially formulated acrylic adhesives malleable enough to be formulated into liquid, paste, tape, and pressure sensitive films for applications ranging from carpet bonding to decorative laminates on airplanes. 

With superb levels of initial tack, high bond strength and low emissions, our acrylic have proved popular for use around the home and among manufacturers for use in plastic fabrication and bonding processes. 

Whether joining PVC pipes, attaching ducts, or fabricating large signs or displays, the breadth of applications for our strong, and efficient acrylic-based technologies is unparalleled. Polystyrene, polyurethane, concrete, brick, hard plastics, wood and composites (i.e. skirting boards, worktops, wainscotting etc.) are just some of the substrates that our acrylic adhesives work with – providing excellent adhesion immediately, every time. 

Our acrylic adhesive solutions are also unique in their safety and hygiene benefits. As well as producing very low VOCs and other emissions when curing, we produce non-allergenic acrylic formulations - ideal for use in areas that need to be highly sanitized, or for medical applications that involve contact with a person’s skin. 

Smart innovations

Our expertise in acrylic adhesives has led to many smart product innovations:

Acrylic adhesives in aerospace attachments - our unique acrylic technologies for aerospace adopt a pressure-sensitive state when dried at an elevated temperature, allowing easy, hassle free assembly of your aircraft interior accessories. Learn more

Acrylic adhesives for floor coverings – our Laybond range consists of solid acrylic solutions that take on an aqueous composition when distributed in order to ensure easy application over a wide surface area. These non-staining solutions also work to minimize the effects of plasticizer migration, for a clean and aesthetic finish to your flooring.

Key sectors for acrylic adhesive

Aerospace – our acrylic adhesives meet the highest standards of passenger comfort and safety, combining easy adhesion with exceptional fire retardancy and insulation. Learn why major airlines favor Bostik products for their interiors.

Renovation/decoration – providing unparalleled levels of initial tack to a broad range of substrates found in the home, discover how our acrylic-based technologies can vastly improve the efficiency of your decoration process.

Flooring – whether you’re working with carpet, semi-flexible vinyl tiles or textile floor coverings, we have a range of acrylic tackifiers and pressure sensitive adhesives that take on an aqueous form when dispersed to ease application.

Rolling stock adhesive -  from interior lighting attachments to sound abatement and thermal insulation, our market-leading acrylic film adhesives ensure easy installation for your rolling stock thanks to their superb peel and sheer properties.