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Elastic bonding solutions for extremely flexible and durable adhesion

We’ve been innovating in the field of elastic bonding for decades, pioneering flexible adhesives for industrial markets. These sophisticated solutions possess superior durability, withstanding consistent and intense levels of contraction, elongation, and energy-absorption.

Our unique elastic bonding (EB) technology is present in a diverse range of Bostik products for both consumers and manufacturers. Chiefly characterized by the use of elastomers, our elastic bonding solutions are tough and resilient, providing permanent bonds that boast excellent flexibility and compatibility with most substrates. 

Superior durability

Able to function well in aggressive environments, our elastic bonding systems absorb vibrations and impact with no permanent damage. Thanks to the rubbery nature of their polymer backbone, elastic adhesives resist crack propagation, compared to high-strength rigid adhesives, which are often brittle and subject to catastrophic failure upon impact and crack formation. 

Bonding dissimilar materials

The elastomeric backbone also provides flexibility, which becomes a critical requirement when bonding dissimilar materials. Substrate combinations like glass to metal, or wood to concrete tend to deform differentially when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity. Here, elastic bonds accommodate the relative deformation of the substrates without creating any stress that damages the assembly of the bonded materials. This ability to deform reversibly under applied loads also makes elastic bonds suitable as sealant materials. 

As well as exhibiting excellent aging properties, elastic bonds are notable for their efficiency. Most Bostik EB products can be applied without any surface preparation – some systems even achieve uniform adhesion after a single process of application.  

Infinite formulations

Based on chemically reactive polymers, applied in liquid or caulk forms, elastic bonds provide an infinite variety of possible chemical structures – from polyester and polyurethane to silane modified polymers (SMP). Our polymer chemists’ flair for innovation has allowed Bostik to continually advance our elastic bonding adhesives for applications in industrial and transportation markets.

Smart innovations

Our expertise in elastic bonding has led to many smart innovations:

Rail sealants: Bostik fire retardant sealants for rolling stock are based on elastic bonding systems. These groundbreaking products were the first to meet EN45545 regulations, maintaining high-performance sealing under the highest hazard levels of heat, smoke and toxicity. More on rail solutions.

Automotive windscreen bonding: our first elastic SMP windscreen adhesive was developed in 1994 as an environmentally-friendly alternative to polyurethane products. Bostik elastic bonding solutions are designed for the rapid replacement of windscreens, achieving one-hour drive away after full-scale crash tests. More on automotive solutions.

Key sectors for elastic bonding

Rail adhesive

Our silane modified polymer solutions are perfect for protecting your railcar cockpit from weather damage, air pressure and shear stress – see more

Automotive adhesive

Discover why the flexibility and efficiency of our elastic adhesives are favored by top OEMs – see more

Bus, truck and RV adhesive

Our SMP-based elastic bonding solutions offer shock absorbency and temperature resistance for your vehicle body panels, often with primerless adhesion – see more

Marine adhesive

The elasticity, endurance and toughness of our bonding systems provides unparalleled adhesive properties for your marine installations, no matter how confined or complex – see more

Grab adhesive

Our solvent-free SMP adhesives guarantee superior grab and gap filling for your decoration and renovation projects – see more