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Learn more about our leading epoxy chemistries

Our epoxy resins are the ideal solution when you need strong, reliable bonds.

Our epoxy adhesives are recognized for their ability to provide impressively strong bonds for many construction, consumer and manufacturing applications. In addition, they are known for their excellent resistance to high temperatures and minimal shrinkage when cured. 

Available in many forms, these two-part adhesives also offer easy application, good chemical resistance, excellent adhesion and good mechanical properties when applied to well-prepared substrates.

Our epoxy chemistries are found in a wide range of applications across a large number of sectors. These applications include construction (commonly for waterproof tiling and grouting) and repair adhesives.

Key sectors for epoxy

Tile adhesive

Unlike other adhesive solutions for tiling, our epoxies provide great workability for easier application, all while retaining a high strength of bond when applied to well-prepared substrates.

Repair adhesive

Our repair range contains products with both slow and fast curing times suitable for materials such as ceramics, wood, chipboard, glass, metal and most hard plastics.

Swimming pool adhesive

Providing strong, flexible bonding for your tile or mosaic installations, our swimming pool adhesives are water-resistant enough to ensure that great levels of adhesion are maintained under all conditions.