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Discover our world-leading chemistries in PMB technology

PMB is one of our three lead technologies at Bostik, providing cutting-edge solutions for the global construction industry.

Polymer-modified binders are cement or gypsum-based compositions enriched with functional additives to deliver stronger adhesion, better flexibility, higher crack resistance and improved durability. 

Our world-class PMB technology is found in many of our construction systems, including tile adhesives, grouts, mortars, leveling compounds, sealing materials and waterproofing solutions. 

Polymer-modified binders are also used in external insulation systems to deliver greater energy efficiency in buildings. See how we applied PMB technology in the Bostik and Arkema Smart House.

As one of our lead technology platforms, PMB is an ongoing focus for our innovation, research and development activities. In the last two years alone, we’ve invested in new powder plants in Brazil, Malaysia and the US dedicated to advancing PMB products for the construction industry.

Smart innovations

Our expertise in polymer-modified binders has led to many smart product innovations:

Large format tile adhesive: this highly flexible cement-based tile adhesive provides strong and immediate adhesion for the installation of large ceramic tiles (up to 1m by 1m). 

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Self-leveling screed: Bostik chemists developed the first and only self-leveling screed with unique formulated binders, enabling the rapid installation of flooring. 

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Glass-filled, pre-mixed grout: our patented reflective grout contains micro-glass beads and translucent urethane binder to add an elegant sparkle to tile installations. 

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Key sectors for PMB

Tile adhesive: we use PMB technology extensively in the development of our cementitious tile adhesives – see more

Tile grout: from urethane grouts to color grouts, many of our tile grout products are based on Bostik’s world-leading PMB platform -  see more

Subfloor preparation: Our innovative PMB technologies are behind many of our self-leveling compounds and repair mortars -  see more

Construction sealants: Bostik insulating and waterproofing systems for building exteriors and swimming pools feature high-performance polymer-modified products -  see more