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Adhesives containing olefin polymers for safe and efficient functionality at low application temperatures

As well as being instrumental in the plastics industry, olefin polymers have quickly risen to prominence in the world of adhesives. Realizing their potential for cost-effective processability and high performance, Bostik R&D teams maximize the benefits available from this technology.

Polyolefin represents a major area of innovation at Bostik. Our R&D teams began engineering polyolefin formulations for adhesive applications in the early 2000s, and these technologies continue to benefit many industrial markets.

From web and film adhesives to sprayable hot melts, olefin polymers are present in many of our most advanced adhesive solutions.

While polyamide chemistries are often used in adhesive applications where resistance to extreme temperatures, solvents or other chemicals is essential, polyolefins offer a safer, lower maintenance and more economic solution for your production line.

Despite being well-suited to low risk manufacturing processes, Bostik polyolefin adhesives are notable for their ability to bond to difficult or even chemically inert substrates. Where meticulous pre-treatment is the norm with other solutions, our olefin polymer products make non-porous and olefinic material bonds simple and stress-free.

Smart innovations

Polyolefin adhesives in nonwoven products – Our hot melt web adhesives are based on a unique polyolefin compound that boasts fast, low-heat setting conditions – suitable for a variety of textiles, polyethylene and hard-to-bond foam substrates.

Key sectors for polyolefin adhesive

Disposable hygiene


See how our olefin polymer technologies have revolutionized disposable hygiene applications, bringing market-leading catalyst technologies to baby diaper and adult incontinence products.




Our polyolefin web adhesives meet the toughest of OEM tests, and can be used for a whole host of intermittent and continuous manufacturing processes for automotive interiors.




Providing the utmost comfort for your railcar passengers, our polyolefin adhesives can help secure all manner of rolling stock interior components such as kitchen, bathroom, galley and upholstery installations.

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