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Discover our market leading polyurethane adhesive solutions

Our polyurethane products are some of the strongest adhesive and sealant technologies in the world.

Our moisture curing, single component polyurethane systems are ideal when materials with differing elongation under loads and thermal coefficients of expansion must be joined. This includes the bonding of glass-fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) to steel, and aluminum wall and floor plates to steel supports.

Products in our range making use of polyurethane chemistries demonstrate high levels of flexibility, as well as good resistance to UV, adverse weather conditions and cracking.

We provide polyurethane solutions for market specific applications including sealing, roofing, tiling, aerospace laminating, flexible packaging, upholstery, flooring and automotive production.

Smart innovations

Our expertise in polyurethane adhesives has led to many smart product innovations:

TruColor® RapidCureTM: a premium, pre-mixed urethane grout that offers the ultimate in color accuracy, water resistance, and stain and crack protection.

Membrane bonding in liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers: our unique polyurethane-based elastic membrane bonding and automation applications have made significant productivity improvements in building LNG ships, estimated at around 10,000 labor hours saved per vessel.

Bostik Fireban One: a fire-rated, low modulus, one component, and Class-A polyurethane sealant. When cured it will form a tough, flexible fire rated seal capable of resistance to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow sleet, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution.

Key sectors for polyurethane

Tiling grout: Bostik urethane grout is the most specified pre-mixed technology in the architecture and design community, setting the standard for commercial and residential tiling.


Aerospace embossing resins: This exclusive Bostik application bonds layers of low surface energy materials together, producing a laminate that reduces marking, stains, and other potential surface damage.

Roofing sealant: The elastomeric quality of our PU sealants provides long-lasting seals for roofing jobs that won’t shrink or become brittle with prolonged exposure to weather extremes or ultraviolet rays.

RV, truck and bus: Our one-part urethane sealants offer fast-set solutions that cure with atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal. PU products are well-suited to RV, truck trailer, emergency vehicle and bus applications.