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Explore our cutting edge technologies in pressure sensitive adhesive

From permanent bonds to removable adhesion, our pressure sensitive adhesives are a great choice for bonding panels, fabrics, foam and other interior products to a broad range of substrates.

Commonly known as PSA, pressure sensitive adhesives offer a wide range of adhesion on many different backgrounds. Bostik is a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape, label, automotive, aerospace, rail and other sectors. Whether you need PSAs for high demand assembly, or flexibility of open time and high levels of tack from our water-based PSA products, we have a smart solution to suit your application.

Possessing a varying degrees of tack, PSAs form a bond when pressure is applied. Our PSAs can be designed to possess characteristics such as tenacious early bond strength, high resistance to plasticizer migration and ease of removal.

Although traditionally thought of as liquids, our smart contact adhesives can also be provided as pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive films, perfect for interior aerospace, automotive and rail applications.

Smart Innovations

Our expertise in pressure sensitive adhesives has led to many smart product innovations:

Fire retardant acrylic film: with excellent resistance to humidity and elevated temperatures as well as beneficial peel and sheer properties, our pressure sensitive adhesive films are primarily used for the retrofitting of decorative PVF and vinyl laminates in rolling stock and aircraft.

Deep freeze label adhesives: Deep freeze adhesives which deliver extreme performance in freezing and damp conditions and meet the latest food contact regulations

Key sectors for PSA


Our pressure sensitive adhesives are used extensively in the development of modern tape products.


Our adhesives are used worldwide in a variety of label applications including consumer products, bottles, tyres and variable information printing (VIP).


From fire retardant acrylic films to interior panel bonding, our PSAs are perfect for a number of rail applications.


The impressive modern interior experience air passengers expect has been made possible through our advances in pressure sensitive adhesive technology.

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